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How Fitness Trends Changed in 2020

2020 was a roller coaster for everyone worldwide. Staying indoors for 10 months was quite a task especially for fitness freaks and gym-goers. Small spaces and compact houses are quite an annoyance for gym lovers and fitness groups. People innovated new ways of staying fit through online sessions, video training, fitness apps, wearables etc. But still for hardcore gym lovers in person activity is the ultimate joy. Hopefully, it happens soon.

People had a sufficient amount of time yet struggled to be fit and in good shape. There was a lot of opportunity in cooking food, trying out new recipes, family meals together, so calories intake was huge. How to burn that off? No idea!

Well, many fitness enthusiasts tried running, walking, and digital workouts or exercises to stay in shape, they might continue to do so. However, gym-goers have placed conditions of hygiene maintenance at gyms and fitness centers to avoid any future health risks. It would be hard for the industry to maintain a high standard of hygiene and protection. Though the trend isn’t going to be budget-friendly many will opt. Personal liking, yeah!

Digital Training Services and Fitness Apps

A huge population has shifted to online resources available for ease and convenience. The online industry grew immensely in 2020.

Apps use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool to devise personal customized training programs, meal plans, and give access to popular recipes of a particular diet plan. It would be hard for people to shift back to in-person consultations, as it’s more convenient and time saver.

Outdoor Fitness Studios are “A New Normal”

People are afraid of indoor breathing after the Corona pandemic. Outdoor breathing is much less dangerous and free of pathogens than indoors. So, studios are setting up outside more rapidly than ever. It will generate enthusiasm in public looking from outside and safety for the training doers too.

Health is prioritized over Fitness

Trends of looking after the exterior of the body have been shifted to internal health. Plans and training are focusing more on the immunity and overall health of an individual. Health comes first any day any time. Corona has reminded us to eat healthy nutritious food and maintain a strong immune system. Certain risk groups are been discussed and taken care of like, Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes, and other low immunity diseases.

Body and Mind Training Hand in Hand

People were aware of mental health even before corona hit the world but after the pandemic, its importance multiplied. Along with physical impacts, mental health suffered a great deal. Financial burdens, homeschooling of children, and online jobs with no particular routine make everyone suffer mentally and physically. Now fitness trends include mindfulness and wellbeing side by side in Yoga, Cardio, weight training or whatever regimen you adopt.

Generalized Supplementation is Out – Personalized Supplements are In

The trend of overhyped supplements is reducing in the last few months, as people are more concerned about personalized wellbeing and finding out deficiencies of minerals and vitamins individually. Companies are in a rush to provide the best of the best products to the consumer market. The workload on the FDA has immensely increased and pressure to provide the best formulas is building up. It will increase the overall healthy growth of individuals and decrease the risk of pandemics. A good sign maybe!

Crash Diets are diminished, healthy foods are talk of the town

In 2020, trends of the crash diet took their last breath as people moved towards healthy eating. All over the world, families spent more time in the kitchen than anywhere else. Cooking became a new fun, trying out different recipes, innovating meals, having happy chirping with family makes a whole lot of difference in eating habits. 90% of the population has moved to fresh, plant-based substitutes and products. It will bring change in the overall meat consumer market and a massive global shift to the vegan industry.

Group Fitness and Community Oriented Trainings

We are being presented with two choices in 2020 – Evolve or Repeat.

Fitness groups and co-gyms were always there but now they need evolution too. Although friendly vibes of fitness groups meeting in person cannot be replicated in the digital world, it is the need of the hour. If not now then the pandemic may repeat itself – maybe more intensely. However, fitness freaks will miss the vibes of a community working out and training together synchronized, motivated, and enthusiastic. But you one cannot show off gym outfits, new sneakers, leggings, and protein bottles as used to do. Big loss? Probably yes.

The Bottom Line

No doubt 2020 has been the toughest of the years so far, we lost mental peace and financial backups really quick. But It has reminded us the value of self-love, mental health, family and friends. It made us all strong, resilient, and compassionate towards human beings at large. We learned lessons for 2021 and beyond in many ways. Fitness is just one of those. Trends change but staying healthy and fit mentally, physically, and emotionally is a real deal.

At the end of the day, life goal is to achieve mindfulness, contentment, and joy – inside and around us. The motto for 2021 is “to starve our distractions and feed our focus”. Let’s Rest, Repair, and Recover this year and beyond.

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