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Ripped Rose Fitness ·  Pasadena, CA

Pain Relief After One Session

Natural treatment for chronic muscle and joint pain, aches, stiffness, and inflexibility

Manual Therapy from $27

Sports Massage &

Our Guarantee

Significant Improvement After Your First Session Or Your Money Back


Where Massage Meets Science

Clinically-informed soft tissue manipulation to stimulate your body's own healing processes.

Our Approach

Traditional Massage


Mental calm and stress relief

Temporary Benefit

Improvements are short-term, typically days or hours

General Application

Covers one or two large general areas at a time

Standard Techniques

Long strokes and glides, superficial to moderate pressure over large areas of the body


Real and lasting change in how your muscles feel and function

knee from paint.png

Manual Therapy

Therapeutic Effects

Lasting Results

Reduced pain and inflexibility and better posture

Real and lasting change to your muscle tissue

Targeted to You

We'll spend time on the places it matters most.

Advanced Techniques

Neuromuscular therapy, mobilizations, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and others

Treating the Source
of the Problem

You've tried massage before. This is different

Appointment Options

We're located in Central Pasadena near Altadena & Walnut. All services performed while you're fully clothed.

Full Reset

90 minutes of body-changing manual therapy to address multiple areas of pain or stiffness

At our studio or in-home (+25)



An hour-length session to address one or two larger concerns or briefly work on several areas.

At our studio or in-home (+$25)


Quick Tune-Up

Twenty minutes for some go-to relief during your day when you drop by our studio.

Available in-studio only


Experience the
Therapeutic Effects 

Loosen Up

Regain range of motion and overcome muscular tightness and stiffness and restriction in the joints.

Image by Scott Broome
Ballroom Dancing Couple

Move Beautifully

Our clients experience light, easy movement after sessions.

Leave Pain Behind

Address a broad range of painful conditions felt in the muscles and joints.

Peaceful Ripple

The most powerful healer
is your own body 

Manual therapy stimulates the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Improve Blood Flow

Lubricate Joints

Repair Soft Tissue 

Activate Muscles

Break up Scar Tissue

Reduce Swelling

Break the Cycle of
Chronic Pain

Shoulder Pain

Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy

Low Back Pain

Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Image by Anh Nguyen

Tension Headache

European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Image by Kate Hliznitsova

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Journal

We can help you manage the symptoms associated with the following conditions.


pain and numbness in the low back, glutes, and/or legs

Repetitive Motion Injury

pain and dysfunction from repeated stress on the body

Frozen Shoulder

shoulder capsulitis / chronic scapular adhesions

Tennis Elbow

lateral epicondylitis causing pain in the inner elbow

Runner's Knee

pain on the front of the knee and sounds from the joint


and other chronic pain syndromes

Poor Posture

inability and difficulty standing up straight

Dizziness &Vertigo

and symptoms related to vestibular disorders

Golfer's Elbow

medial epicondylitis causing pain in the outer elbow

Shin Splints

pain around the shinbone from repeated stress

Nerve Impingement

causing numbness, tingling, aching, and weakness

Numbness and Tingling

caused by nerve pressure from tight muscles


chronic inflammation of the tendon near the joint

Buckling Knee

knee instability and patellofemoral syndrome

Plantar Fasciitis

pain on the bottom of the heel and arch of the foot

We want you to stay safe. Some conditions require approval from your physical therapist, orthopedist, or physician.

Try it with a Complementary Session

Drop by for a 15-minute sample of manual therapy services



Emily Burton CMT, Manual Therapist

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The Manual Therapist

Emily Burton, CMT completed the training program at The American Institute of Massage Therapy in Santa Ana, CA.

She has additional education in personal training and multiple advanced hands-on techniques.


Ripped Rose Fitness

Our company is dedicated to the art and science of optimal movement. 

We specialize in injury recovery, exercise for medical conditions general fitness and weight management, and athletics.

Our Other Services

Medical Exercise & Post-Rehab

Sports & Athletic Training

Weight Loss Programs

Company Overview

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