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Ripped Rose Myoscience

Medical Exercise  |  Post-Rehab

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Pain isn't inevitable!


Post-rehab programs are designed to help you recover after a surgery or injury.

Heavy Weight Lifter

Protect and heal your body.

Learn to move the way you were meant to.

The human body is made to squat, bend over, walk, carry, and lift for a lifetime.

Targeted exercise and manual therapy will help you:

  • Improve range of motion

  • Create a powerful and stable core

  • Identify and fix poor posture and technique

  • Resolve musculoskeletal pain 

Strains on Your Body

Chronic poor posture and wear-and-tear from everyday activities add up over time.


The resulting musculoskeletal imbalances cause pain and movement dysfunction.

You don't have to have a history of injury to struggle with pain during daily activities. 

Pain brought on by poor posture, overuse, and injury can be reversed with a combination of manual therapy and corrective exercise.



Focus on Function

This function wheel identifies the nine key components of function. These components are impaired with daily strains, injury, surgery and the onset of many conditions.


Our conditioning and rehabilitative programs are designed to improve these components of function and enhancing your functional capacity.


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